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Remote Monitors to Measure Phospine

The Smart PH3 monitors are installed either inside or outside of the fumigation (tarp, container, bin, etc.). The provided solution is the remote measurement of phosphine concentration.

Phosphine monitor

Monitor Smart PH3

The solution is based on remote measurement of phosphine concentration through the installation of “Smart PH3” monitors inside and outside the treatment area.

High-Range monitors (up to 2000ppm) are installed inside the fumigation area, and Low-Range monitors (up to 5ppm) are installed outside. This information is transferred to our platform via a Cellular Gateway, where it will be stored for subsequent visualization. The data can be accessed through a web portal from a PC or mobile device.

Phosphine measure ranges

By means of Low Range monitors, the service brings the possibility to know the phosphine values on the treatment neighboring areas, avoiding risking the personnel in case of a leak. In addition, High Range monitors allow to remotely and constantly control the fumigation quality.


Phosphine (PH3) levels, temperature, and humidity monitoring.

Detection of phosphine leaks outside the tarpaulin

Global satellite connectivity

Real-time control

Personnel independence to control “secure” levels.

Email and Telegram alerts

Lifespan of more than 5 years

Weekly and monthly fumigation reports system

General Scope of Work

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